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Payment Arrangments


When you need to post bail, payment arrangements can make a big difference, may bail bond agencies now accept credit cards to cover the premium payments needed to secure the bond. Automatic teller machine cards may also be accepted at some agencies depending on the charge, some motor vehicle emergency clubs I provide bail bond assistance. The majority of them cover exclusively traffic violation nm and guaranteed bond amounts vary. Financing premium payment may also be available. Payment arrangements are the sole discretion of the bond agent. Bond agents can request the maximum legal premium payment to take less with additional installment payment plans. Payment agreements are specific to each bail bond. The more willing the bond agent is to work with you to come up with the funding for a premium payment; the faster you or your family member can be released from jail. Contact a bail bondsman for specific information on payment arrangements available in your area.

Premium Payments


Premium payments represent the bail bondsman’s fee for securing your release from confinement. This fee is normally restricted by law to a certain percentage of the bail amount. For example, if bail is 10 thousand dollars then the premium fee of ten to fifteen percent would be 1 thousand or 15 hundred dollars. Depending on the charges and the duration of the t5rial, another premium payment may be required. Generally, the premium paid is only valid for one year. The remaining amount of the bail bond is covered by collateral. The premium amount is not refundable, regardless of the disposition of the charges against the accused. The collateral will be released, assuming the court has come to a decision and bail terms were satisfied. If you flee the court, or “jump bail”, the entire premium payment and collateral will be seized by the bonding agency. Paying premium payment to bond agents can save you money and allow you to manage your money instead of paying a cash bond to the court for the entire bail amount. A bail bondsman can provide additional information on premium payments.

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