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Why Bail Bonds Work

/Why Bail Bonds Work
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Why Bail Bonds Work

Being private enterprise more defendants will appear for trial without cost to taxpayer or government.

Bail Licenses

In many states, the bail bondsman is required to obtain a license from the state insurance commission. The minimum age requirement to obtain a bail bondsman license is 18 years old. In many instances, twelve hours of pre-licensing class time are required. This class time covers the legal aspects of providing bail bonds, including the rights of the accused and ethical a business practices. A surety company bond for usually 1 thousand dollars is also required to be filed along with the state department of the insurance application. Copies of all of the agreements used in business should also be provided for review by the insurance commission. Fingerprints are also required to be on file with the application. Applicant must pass the department of insurance’s written exam. Most licenses are issued to individuals and are valid for one year. License renewal requires an additional fee and six additional classroom hours. For additional information on the bail bond licensing process, contact your state insurance commission.


Bail Bondsman Code of Ethics

The behavior of bail bondsmen and any bail bond service is covered by a code of ethics. The code of ethics specifies the bond agents’ duties regarding their clients, community, and competition for clients. Bondsmen owe their clients the best effort to post bail within a specific time frame. A bond agent also has the obligation to turn down clients in certain instances. Specialized bonds should be handled by experienced bond agents. A bond agent should tell the client if they’re unable to handle the bonding situation. Bond agents have the responsibility to exercise care and protect the personal property put up for collateral aspects of using collateral should also be familiar to the bond agent. Bondsmen are liable for negligent acts regarding the collateral or business dealings. The bond agent should not discriminate based on race, religion, or national origin. The bond agent should also operate fairly to avoid conflicts with other licensed bond agents. The bondsman should make every effort to explain the disclosure agreements and bail documents. Additional information on the code of ethics can be obtained from a bail bondsman in your area.


Confidentiality Relationship with Bail Bondsman

A bail bond service provides a confidential source of funds for your bail. The services of a bail bond agent can prevent you from having to approach friends, family, banks, and other financial sources to obtain the bail amount. Using a bail bondsman allows you to complete the paperwork in one sitting. This prevents headaches and allows you to focus on your defense. You can easily determine and sign over collateral items at one time. It prevents the need to transfer funds to numerous financial institutions. The bonding services allow you to maintain some control over your defense. It prevents the need to transfer funds to numerous financial institutions. The bonding services allow y0o to maintain some control over your circumstances and the information regarding the charges pending against you. Bond agents work in your corner to gain you release as soon as possible. Although confidentiality is not guaranteed by the code of ethics most Bond agents use discretion.

The bondsman should provide complete disclosure of the bond process and release advice while an attorney is present if possible. For additional information on bail bond agent confidentiality, contact a bail bondsman. Bail bond services offer many convenience features. Bail bondsmen are familiar with the procedures to gain your release from jail. They can use their experience to help you gain a faster release. A great majority of bond agents are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or all hours of jail operation. This allows you to gain release when a bail amount is known. Bond agents are able to complete the paperwork in normally one meeting, either in their office or at the jail facility. Bail bondsmen have the ethical obligation to inform you of any facts that would normally be of interest to you while applying for a bail bond. They will explain the disclosure forms so you understand what you’re signing. Some bail bond agencies can even help prevent arrest by posting a bail bond for you in another jurisdiction where you may have a charge pending against you. Speak with a bail bondsman to learn more about their convenient service features.

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